Grade 8 Chain and Components (Grade 80)

Chain slings We can supply chain slings made to your specifications, all our chain slings are made with Grade 80 Chain and components to BS EN 818-4 and come with full test certification, which you must keep on record. Chain slings are manufactured from quenched and tempered alloy steel and have a very high strength factor and high wear qualities. Chain slings can be made in 7mm to 13mm chain sizes and can be of 1,2,3 or 4 leg with various hooks and shortening hooks available.

When enquiring please have the following information ready:

1 Load capacity required.

2. Number of legs 1, 2, 3 or 4.

3. Length of drop, i.e. leg lengths.

4. Type of end fitting

5. Whether shortening hooks are required.

Please read the following safety advice

Using Chain slings 1. Keep a register of all slings in use. 2. NEVER lift with a twisted sling. 3. Chain slings should be shortened with a shortening hook, NEVER by Knotting. 4. Protect the chain against sharp edges by proper padding. 5. Always seat the load properly in the bowl of the hook. 6. Ensure the sling size is correct for the load to be lifted, allowing for the included angle and possibility of unequal loading. 7. The master link should always have free movement on the crane hook. 8. Avoid snatch loading at all times.

Maintenance of chain slings 1. A thorough examination must be carried out every six months, or more frequently according to statutory regulations, type of use and past experience. 2. Chains with bent links or cracks or gouges in the link should be replaced, as should deformed components such as bent master links, opened-up hooks or any fitting showing signs of damage. 3. The wear of the chain and components should in no place exceed 8% of the original dimensions. The chain link wear - max 8% - is defined as the reduction of the mean diameter of the material measured in two directions 4. Overloaded chain slings must be taken out of service. Permanent elongation of chains is max 8% and permanent increase of hook opening is max 8%.

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