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Ratchet Lashings

Range of load securing straps for safe transportation of loads on roof racks, small trailers and large lorries. Straps all to current BS EN specs.

Please note, in addition to the standard range below, we also make bespoke straps to suit your individual requirements.

How to use webbing straps safely.

Only use webbing straps manufactured to BS EN 12195-2:2002

Only use webbing straps which are clearly marked with a rated assembly strength and minimum break load.

Regularly check the webbing for cuts and frays.

Never use an additional device to tighten the ratchet handle.

Always protect straps from sharp edges on loads - use a protective sleeve.

Keep away from Alkalis and strong Acids.

Do not knot the webbing and avoid twists when loading

Ensure the ratchet handle spindle has made two complete turns after the webbing has been passed through it.


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