Our Green policy

We care about environmental issues

What are we doing about packaging:

All packaging that comes into our works through goods in etc is kept and used again for sending out our parcels. We have also built up relationships with other local companies who kindly donate their packaging to us to be used again rather than sending it to landfill. We also encourage our staff to donate surplus packaging. We firmly believe that the greenest way to recycle packaging is to simply re-use it.

However, this does not account for the large amount of packaging materials we use throughout the year so we also purchase second hand packaging where possible. This includes the use of second hand cartons for sending out our parcels.

Naturally, with all these avenues for sourcing packaging, you may notice your parcels arriving with printing on the cartons not relating to us. 

When we do have to purchase new packaging materials we always look to buy products that are made from recycled plastics or, even better, cardboard or paper based materials.

Carbon footprint regarding vehicles:

We have changed the way we sell over the years and now do our selling 100% over the phone or through emails. We do not do any cold call selling on the road reducing our company's carbon miles where possible.

Obviously we still need to meet customers demands and, on odd occasions,  deliver with our own vehicles but, for the most part, we use courier companies who have strong environmental policies.